Jan 172013

Sweet-N-EvilSweet-N-Evil blitzed the music clubs in the tri-state area throughout the 1990s. In the days of grunge, we were giving a complete performance for both the eyes, and the ears. Led by bombastic singer Tracey Lepore, all those that were lucky enough to witness our onslaught, would never forget it.

Tracey and I began putting ideas together for the band in early 1990. We knew we didn’t want to be “just another band”, we wanted to be bigger than that. With her charisma and stage presence, I knew that with what we were planning, she was just the one to be able to pull it off.

We developed the concept of having a show with each song. In fact, when most bands just showed up at the club with their guitars, we were carrying around a 5 man crew/actors, tons of props, a bunch of lights, a follow spot, pyrotechnics and a sound man. Most nights it cost the band members money out of their pockets to pay the crew. Oh yea, I almost forgot… we also carried around another member of Sweet-N-Evil… Alice, an 8-foot boa constrictor. She was quite the performer!
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