Jan 102014

Furyousities Studios, home to the The Cult of Fury, is available for rental. 3000 sq. ft. of private fetish fun time can be all yours.

The studio has been recently updated, with more to cum. It features a bondage bed, various crosses, CBT chair, stocks, spanking benchs, bondage rack, sling, suspension hoists and much more. It’s Disneyland for the kinky set and everyone gets the “E” ticket and there are no lines!

Have you ever tried to seek out one of those theme motels? They are expensive and Shades of Boring. Furyousities Studios offers much more than a hotel room, plus, it’s much cheaper. It is available for couples, small groups, Pro-Dommes, private parties and more. It’s available virtually 24/7.

Now, I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “How much could Anton want to let me live out my fantasies in private, in such a well-equipped situation?”

The afore-mentioned theme motels run upwards of $200. Do I want $200 to let you in the door to live out your wildest fantasies? (Well, yes, I do, but that’s not what I’m charging you.) I will let you have 3 hours of the sexiest, kinkiest play time for the rock-bottom, bargain-basement price of $75… that’s right, $25 per hour for you to get your private kink on.

You can’t afford to pass up this deal. Call today to book a slot.
973 985-9311

Furyousities… Fun for the whole family!

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